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I believe that the horses' mouth is the key part of the body.  A horse spends a lot of time eating and chewing.  Over time horses have been removed from there nature habitat and they do not have the natural ability to wear down there teeth to allow proper digestion.  Horses grind there food and if they do not have the proper tooth wear if can be difficult if not impossible for a horse to eat and digest food.


Each horse gets a full exam of the head, neck and mouth. 


During the exam we look for the following items:


Overall Behavior Malnourishment or Obesity Muscle Overgrowth or Deterioration
Injuries/Limps or Lameness Bleeding of the mouth Overbite or Underbite
Jaw Alignment Wolf Teeth Hooks, Ramps, Etc...


We will also check the age of the horse.  Not only will we check all these things but we will teach you how to check them too!  Your horse can not tell you when it hurts and you have to learn to read the signs of his behavior. 


We will discuss with you the reasons for proper dental work signs that your horse needs dental attention and explain to you what the results could be if the dental work is properly done and maintained.




Other Services


Power Tools  

Automatic drills and files will be used, with your permission, on horses that require an extreme amount of work.  This may likely require the horse to receive a sedative.  Check your state requirements for horse sedation.

Wormer Kits (Broad Range)  


Wormer Kits are available in 12 month supplies  (dentist will administer 1st dose and will instruct owner on remaining doses and schedule)


A consult can be given for a horse with special needs or damage from an accident



Some horses requiring incisor work, extensive work, or power tool work may require sedation.  Sedation laws vary by state - Talk to your veterinarian for your state guidelines.


What kind of tools do you use?                What kind of Dental Charts do you Use?

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