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Results of Properly Maintained Teeth


Food Savings   When a horse’s teeth are balanced the horse can properly chew and digest food more thoroughly.  This then results in less food consumption.
Less Manure/Cleanup   Less manure will follow the proper digestion listed above.  When the horse digests more thoroughly and consumes less food it will then result in less manure and less stall clean up.
Behavior Improvements   When the horse’s mouth is balanced it will not cause the constant pain and discomfort that an irregular mouth causes.  This will help with the overall behavior and attitude of the horse.  Behavior of the horse can also be enhanced by installing performance bit seats.  A bit seat will control the amount of pressure and sensitivity the bit administers to the horse, thus being more comfortable and effective.
Body Condition Improvements   Better digestion allows the nutrients to be absorbed and used properly.  This will then result in a shinier coat, thicker hair, better circulation, stronger bones and denser muscle tissue.
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