Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How do I read my dental chart?

A.  Click Here for a step by step description of your dental chart.


Q.  Do you offer sedation services?

A.  Yes, I am trained in administering sedation however, sedation laws very per state.  Check with your veterinarian about your state requirements.


Q.  How can I tell my horse has a problem with its teeth?

A.  See a list of symptoms of bad teeth.


Q.  What are the results of properly maintained teeth?

A.  See a list of results you can expect from a horse with properly maintained teeth.


Q.  What are your payment options?

A.  See our payment options and our payment guidelines.


Q.  How much does dental work cost?

A.  The initial visit to a horse that has never been seen or that has not been maintained can range from $100 to $200 depending on the amount of work required.  However, once the initial visit is finished the maintenance float will cost $80.  The savings for the properly maintained horse will come in the food savings and the other positive results you will see in your horse.  See Q and A above.


Q.  Will you supply references if requested?

A.  Absolutely!  We work with professionals all the time and we would be happy to supply a listing of professional and client references.


Q.  Would you give a referral if you find the problem with the horse is not dental in nature?

A.  Of Course.  If I feel the problem with the horse is not directly dental in nature or requires other professional help to reverse effects of bad dental care, I will refer you to, or work in conjunction with, another professional.  I work and speak with veterinarians, trainers, chiropractors, ferriers and massage therapists on a daily basis.


Q.  How long does an appointment take?

A.  We schedule 45 minutes per horse when we do not know the condition of the horse.  This allows a little more time than a simple float but not enough time for extensive work.  Each horse will receive the appropriate amount of time to correct all issues.  Due to this fact, your scheduled time may need to be adjusted due to a prior appointment.

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