Comments from Clients


"I'd like to share a recent experience I had with all horseman.  A friend of mine noticed her horse just didn't look right, so she called her vet.  The vet said that the horse needed dental work.  She called Ernest Kilby.  What she found was very interested.  The horse had several dental problems, including his whole mouth was out of balance.

With that information we decided to have out horses checked out.  Rudy's teeth were so long in the front that he was not able to chew with his back teeth.  He also had a wolf's tooth that hit the bit and needed to be pulled.  Sammy's was a mess.  He needed wave correction, incisor reduction and realignment as well as whole mouth rebalancing.  Sammy's back was sore from holding his head in a manor to keep his teeth from hurting.  We found Mr. Kilby to be kind to the horses and informative to us.  If your horse hasn't seen a dental technician in a year, you might want to give Mr. Kilby a call.  he told us we would see an immediate difference.  We did! Mr. Kilby is a member of the International Association of Equine Dentistry and is an instructor at the American School of Dentistry in Virginia.  He does more than just float their teeth, he does basic and advanced dentistry.  And of course if your horse is getting the full benefit of his/her food, your food bill will be less."


Published in the Valley Lea Riding Club Newsletter January 2007 - Written by Priscilla Downey



"What did you do with my horse? This isn't the same horse! What a difference.  Thanks."

    Ike Byler -Lancaster, PA


"My horse is doing wonderful.  You are definitely coming back next year.  Thanks again."

    Mary Rockville


"My horse has not eaten this well in years.  You saved my horse.  Thanks Much."

    Dave Smith - Dover, PA


"Thank you so very much for the services you performed on Rex this past Tuesday, November 18th.  I am extremely grateful for the talents that you both possess.  Your pursuit of equine dentistry in my opinion was truly a spiritual calling.  My horse Rex is not just an old gelding but a wonderful friend and a relationship I truly treasure.  Prior to your visit Rex's situation was dim and now things couldn't be brighter for my pal.  His hay area is clean, nasal discharge has subsided and it has become very apparent that he is once again comfortable.  I do believe that you have those wonderful characteristics of a horse whisperer and your calm demeanor and great expertise are a gift to the horse world. "

    Traci and Rex Franklin - Nazareth, PA


"Just wanted to thank you for the quick response in coming out to the farm to look at my horse and mules. It was nice to have a professional check their teeth to insure I am doing everything I can for them in their later years."
    Annette MelHorn - Dover, PA


"Just a little note of thanks for your super presentation last week.  The Pony Clubbers really enjoyed your very informative display and information.  You managed to attract the attention of the smallies and the older Pony Clubbers, all who managed to find something new to add to their knowledge which will become very useful indeed."
    Karen Bennett, DC -Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony Club

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