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Ernest E. Kilby


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the proud owner/operator of Kilby's Equine Smile Restoration.  I am Ernest E. Kilby.  I am a Certified Equine Dental Technician.


I worked as Plant Manager in manufacturing for about 30 years when I felt as if it no longer gave me the fulfillment that I longed for and I asked myself one question.  This being the question that a lot of people ask themselves.   "Why can't I do what I love?"  That, of course, was spending time with my horses.  So, I decided to head back to school and enjoy the rest of my life doing what I love. 


Being just over 50 years old, I returned to school!  I traveled out west to Wyoming and enrolled in the American School of Equine Dentistry.  I learned everything from body function and digestion to muscle/joint disorders and disease.  I loved it!  It was not only book learning and terminology but our small class had to perform dental work on over 350 head of horses in 4 weeks.  I have seen the difference that proper dental work has made in a horses life.  Proper dental care can be the key to a healthy life or a premature death. 


Once receiving my degree, I returned home to Pennsylvania to teach others about the importance of equine dentistry.  I was not only excited for myself but I was ready to teach others about what I learned.   Today, I work with clients out of seven states and educate others about the overall well-being and dental health of horses.  Not only do I work in the industry, but I preformed so well in school that I was asked back to become a teacher at the American School of Equine Dentistry by my Mentor Instructor.


I received the IAED International Certification!  In September of 2007, I traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to take the written, verbal, and clinical IAED International Certification test.  A total of 23 experienced dental technicians attempted this test and only 8 certifications and 1 advanced certification were given.  I credit my clients for encouraging me to this level of education.


Proud Horse Owner of:




Ernest floating a horse while attending school in Wyoming



Quarter Horse




Buckskin Quarter Horse Dunn




Appaloosa Paint




Welsh Cross




Paint Quarter Horse




Palomino Paint Miniature Horse



American School of Equine Dentistry - Graduate - October 2005


American School of Equine Dentistry - Instructor - Since Spring 2006


Member of the International Association of Equine Dentistry - Since 2005




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